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Creative Writing Sample: Design Business Practice

 creative writing sampleThe design industry is multifaceted with numerous job opportunities for persons with various qualifications. Several considerations are required for the highly competitive market before employment, other than qualification in respective majors. The next step in my life will be getting employment within the Australian job market where many opportunities exist. The total percentage of the population of graphic designers employed has been on a steady increase from 2001 as represented in fig. 1 where the employment rate being slightly higher than sixty percent of all individuals with the necessary qualifications.
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Creative Writing Examples: The Rhetorical Theory Behind the Daily Show

Rhetoric is a discourse art aimed at improving the capability of speakers or writers that attempt to persuade, motivate or inform a particular audience, in a specific situation. In its vigorous and long history, rhetoric has enjoyed many definitions. It has accommodated conflicting purposes, and varied extensively in what it incorporated. However, it still maintains its primary character as a subject for educating students. It helps students to recognize how language, whether in writing or orally, is at work. Second, it helps students to become skillful and apply the skills learnt in their own writing and speaking.  Continue reading